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**PREVIEW** How to use MS Teams in the test environment

Bobby King
Bobby King
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Why a test environment?

We have several Microsoft test environments to test out different Microsoft functionality and how they will/would interact with Odyssey’s business practices.  We do not have a version that is ready for prime time.  Due to the nature of this being a test environment, we need to keep meeting organizer participation to a minimum.  As this is a test environment, not all functionality will be available or working as Microsoft intends it to work or how you expect it to work.  Please test out your meetings beforehand and have patience with the technology and the IT Team that supports it.

First Things First…  Your new account

  • You will receive an account that has a username that looks like this:
  • The email feature works and can be opened from the MS Outlook App or from the web at
  • Email coming from this account may be sent to spam often
  • Use this account only to set up the meeting, not manage it.
    • Invite your email account to the meeting
    • Invite the <ConferenceRoom>
    • Send the links from the original calendar invite via to your meeting participants.  This will ensure that the meeting doesn’t go to spam.

Inviting the Conference Room

  • We’ve established accounts for a few conference rooms; check with IT to see which ones are currently available as MS Teams Hosts.
  • The default setup for teams requires guests to be “admitted” to the meeting.  Only the “Organizer” can admit guests to the meeting.  Be sure to keep an eye on who’s in the lobby waiting.
  • Only accounts in the domain can be meeting “Organizers” and admit guests into the meeting.
    • Invite the <ConferenceRoom> account to the meeting and make that account an “Organizer” so that you can view/edit/manage from the conference room computer.

Your First Teams Meeting

  • Because this is a test environment, only some things work as intended.  This is the case in getting signed up for MS Office and Teams.
  • IT must make some configuration changes on your computer (remotely) before Teams will work properly.  Be sure IT has done that before you proceed.

Getting Signed In

Open MS Word and sign out of the currently signed-in account. 





Notice the account is generic?



Click the sign-out link 

Under Sign in to Office, click the Sign In button
Follow the sign-in prompts


Click “No, sign in to this app only”

Verify you are signed into Word


Open Teams



From the Windows search bar, type “Teams” and then click open

In the upper right corner of Teams, left-click your user avatar


Sign Out of old account

Ignore old account


Select “Use another account or sign up”

Follow the prompts

Select “No, sign in to this app only”


Congratulations!  You’re finally all signed in!  In the future production environment, this will be much simpler.


Creating Meetings

Click on the Calendar Tab and 

Then Click New Meeting


This should be a familiar form for a calendar invite.  For a Teams meeting, make sure you have selected "Online Meeting" in the location field.

If You're using a convergence room, remember to add the <ConferenceRoom> @

account to the list of attendees.

From your Google Calendar, copy the MS Teams meeting information from the bottom of the page.




Paste the details into a new Google Calendar invite, and continue as usual.




Note:  This email went to spam.

FYI: Although you can right-click on the links in the email and see them, in the view from Calendar, you can see the entire link

From the Teams calendar view, right-click the meeting and click edit




Then select the “Meeting Options” tab.

Select the drop-down menu next to “Choose co-organizers” to select from a list of participants who share the @OdysseyConsult0 domain.  




This is where you would select the Conference room account.

Nobody can join the meeting until a Host/Organizer joins



Be on the lookout for guests who wish to join your meeting



Select “Admit” to let them in 

To share your screen, click share

Huzzah, you’ve created your first meeting!

If something unexpected happens, please reach out to the IT Team via one of our convenient contact methods (hint: these are new)

Email at

Submit a Form at

Chat with us at

Text or Call us at +1 (978) 906-0978

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