Everyone in Odyssey has a conference call line which works on mobile, computer and phone.  

To claim yours, go to https://www.uberconference.com/ , press the blue 


and use your Odyssey google credentials (odyssey email address) to establish your conference line.

Your account will be created and you will be shown the URL to use for computers and the number for phones. The conference call facility is integrated into your Odyssey calendar and you can autopopulate any appointment with the info by pressing the link within an event. It looks like.... 


There are also android and ios appwhich work great.  

You should use the computer URL if you can as it's much more fully featured 

  • Integrated voice for up to ten people
  • Screen sharing
  • Muting, attendee listing, recording, and summary emails
  • Free to use for up to 10 simultaneous callers.  

Please contact us at help@odysseyconsult.com if you have any questions!