How to change your address.  If you log into Ultipro and then go to the "MySelf" tab at the top of the initial dashboard you'll see a "Name, Address & Telephone" option. From the screen which opens up after you press that, you'll see an Edit button on the right side (it looks like a leaning pencil & says "edit" underneath it. 

You can then change your address, add a secondary or primary phone number and add a secondary email.  Please DON'T change your primary email!

After you've made your changes, hit the green "save" button at the top of the editing screen, it looks like an old-fashioned floppy disk. 

Your changes will be sent to all the departments and the new address will be used for cheques and other correspondance; it's a one stop shop. 

The PDF attached below has a more detailed presentation on this process (with pictures!) or, if you are signed into your Odyssey email account, you can always get the latest tutorial from this link.  

If you have any questions, please shoot a note to