How do I troubleshoot Internet Explorer compatibility issues with my computer?

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Ultimate Software is continuing to expand our browser compatibility with each new release. Here is a brief outline of our recommended internet explorer settings. Also please reference our Browser Compatibility Guide for the most up-to-date browser compatibility list. If you are experiencing an internet explorer error while using our software, or would like to know the best practice for setting up a new employee's computer IE settings, follow the steps below.

1. Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
Internet explorer saves temporary web pages in order to load commonly visited webpages quickly. This feature may become an issue as you update and make changes to your Ultipro settings. When you log into Ultipro frequently, the system may load a cached webpage instead of the live Ultipro site. To avoid errors, it is best practice to clear temporary internet files frequently.

Open your Internet Explorer browser and select Tools > Internet Options. You can also find this menu by selecting the gear icon at the top of your browser and choosing Internet Options.

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Once you select Internet Options, click on the Delete button under Browsing History. Select these options:
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Cookies
  • History
NOTE: Preserve Favorites Website Data should be UNCHECKED. The rest of the options on this screen can be deleted at your discretion.

After the job has finished running, close all internet explorer windows and open an new browser for the changes to take effect.

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2. Add Trusted Sites
It is important to add Ultipro to your list of trusted sites so that your company internet security will not block or restrict Ultimate Software's website.

To add trusted sites select the Security tab on your Internet Options window and click on the Trusted Sites icon. Select "Sites" to pull up a separate window, unselect the setting marked Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone, and add these trusted sites below exactly how they appear. You will not need to include the https://
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After you have added these trusted sites, select Close to bring you back to the security tab. Next, click on the Custom Level button to bring up the Security Settings - Trusted Sites Zone and scroll down the list until you find the option that says Display Mixed Content. This setting should be set to Enable.

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This option specifies whether web pages can display content from both secure and non-secure servers. If this is not enabled, you will be prompted whether to allow certain pages in Ultipro to display. If you select "no" when prompted, images and links may not display correctly. For example, this prompt will appear when users select the Learning Center. Selecting "Enable" will prevent this prompt from occurring.

3. Common Things to Consider

Check your Pop-Up Blocker settings. 
If a page does not appear or a report does not open, check to see if it is being blocked by a Pop-Up Blocker. For example, Time Management opens in a separate window. If your managers cannot access time management, check to see if the webpage is blocked.

Check the URL.
Ultipro has several log in screens that are unique to each of our clients. If your employees are searching for the Ultipro login on a search engine, they may stumble across an Ultipro login screen that is not used for their particular company. If this happens, when your employee logs in they will receive the error "Username does not exist and/or password is invalid." Check to make sure they are using the correct company URL.

Check your Browser.
Not all of the Ultipro modules are compatible with the same browser. If you are experiencing errors while using an Ultipro module, reference our Browser Compatibility Guide for the most up-to-date browser compatibility list.