We want to support our team members by helping you expand your skills and capabilities at Odyssey! To pursue additional education and job-related certifications, you can apply for a reimbursement of expenses up to $3,500 annually. Some of you may qualify for Veterans Assistance benefits.  Please explore those funding options first. This will help expand Odyssey’s educational budget to more team members. 

Please speak with your Task Lead, Program Manager or TMS if you have questions about the program.

Prior approval is required in all cases of tuition reimbursement, whether for education or certification.

To be eligible for reimbursement, please take the following actions and meet the requirements listed below:

  1. BEFORE you take the course, speak with your Task Lead or Program Manager and let them know your thoughts about education you'd like to pursue. Your management team and TMS are glad to help answer any questions you have about the tuition reimbursement process.

  2. Once you've had the discussion with your manager - but BEFORE you attend the course, fill out this form and submit it via helpdesk ticket. 

  3. Your supervisor needs to approve it, once approved you’ll get a preauthorization number. 

  4. AFTER you’ve taken the course (and receive a grade of B or better) submit an expense form, with grade and proof of payment.

Reimbursement Guidelines to follow:

The contribution limit is 3,500 a year - can only apply to tuition. 

APPROVAL MUST be received BEFORE you take class

COURSE need to be from accredited institution

RECEIVE a grade of B or better

AFTER completion of class/course - submit expense form along with proof of grade and receipt of payment