1  We have an updated Handbook!  

It's online at handbook.odysseyconsult.com!

Step 1 image

 2  Once you reach handbook.odysseyconsult.com, in order to view the content, you'll need to log in with your Odyssey credentials. 

PLease click the large Click Here to Log in button.

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 3  Then select your Odyssey email, no other email will let you in. 

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 4  You'll need to click the Allow button to register each time you visit the site.

Please note, NO information is shared with google or anywhere outside Odysseyconsult.com

Step 4 image

 5  There are navigation buttons and a complete menu on every page.

There's also a full search facility which works wonderfully!

Step 5 image

 6  You can click on the search bar and just type what you're looking for! 

If it doesn't find it; please check the spelling or shoot us a comment!

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 7  You can also search using the magnifying glass on the upper right of every page!

Step 7 image

 8  A giant search box will pop up at the top of the web page.

Just enter what you want and hit return or Enter Search...

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 9  For instance, if you search for PTO you'll see all the relevant content areas.

You can click on any section, like 6.2 Paid Time-Off (PTO) to see the guidance & policies.

Step 9 image

 10  There's a menu along the top of the site, which allows you to navigate section by section.

Step 10 image

 11  From any paragraph, you can click on the paragraph or read more if there's extra content.

Step 11 image

 12  If you prefer to read section by section, you can do so using the NEXT and PREV buttons.

Step 12 image

 13  You can also navigate to the major sections using the topic menu on the left.

The numbers highlight the number of sections in the area.

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 14  If you have questions on the handbook, notice something which needs updating, or have a comment you can use the Comments or Questions button to comment. 

There's a screenshot facility in the button which will help us help you.

Step 14 image

 15  We'll be updating the handbook periodically.  Normally, we'll highlight changes on the home page.

If you have added your Odyssey account to your phone, handbook.odysseyconsult.com works  wonderfully on phones and tablets as well. 

Step 15 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners