Learn how to create a Google hangout to host conference calls through your Google calendar.

Step 1) Open Google (be sure that you are signed in to your Odyssey email account).

Step 2) Click on the Google apps icon ().

Step 3) Click on the Google calendar app.

Step 4) Click the "Create" button.

Note: You can click on any empty space on the calendar to create a calendar event as well.

Step 5) Click "More Options".

Step 6) Fill out the calendar event by adding a title, conference, description, and more.

* You can add a video conference by selecting "Add conferencing" and choosing "Hangouts Meet".

Note: A video conference is created automatically when a guest/room is added but it is good practice to make sure that the conference is created.

* You can add guest and reserve a room for your meeting as well.

To add guests make sure the "Guests" tab is selected and the type in the names of the individuals you would like to add in the search bar. Click on the desired names once you see them populate in the drop-down menu. This will add them to the meeting. To add/reserve a room click on the "Rooms" tab and type in the name of the room you would like to add in the search bar. Click on the name of the desired room in the dropdown menu to reserve it.

When you click “Save.” You will receive a notification saying “Would you like to send invitation emails to Google Calendar guests?” Click “Send” to send out the meeting invitation. Your Hangouts meeting has now been created! Please see steps 7

and 8 on how to host your meeting.

Note: If you are inviting meeting guests who are not Odyssey team members, you must type in their email addresses to invite them to the meeting. When saving the meeting and sending out the invitation, you may see a notification asking if you are sure you would like to invite external guests to the meeting. Click “Invite external guests.”

Step 7) After logging into your Odyssey email account, open the Google calendar app. Click on the calendar event that you created and a pop-up will appear with your meeting details. Then click "Join Hangouts Meet".

* To access your calendar event, just locate it on the calendar and click on it.

* If a guest has been invited to the meeting but can't access a video camera they can call in by putting the phone number listed and entering in the PIN when requested.

* You may see a pop-up notification indicating that you need to allow Meet to use your camera and microphone. You must click “Allow” in order to access the Hangouts meeting.

Step 8) Click “Join Meeting” to access the meeting.

* You can also mute your audio or turn off your camera before entering a meeting if you wish to do so.

Step 9) When you are finished with your meeting, click the red “End” button (red phone hanging up) to hang up from the meeting.

Note: You will see microphone and camera icons towards the bottom of the screen. These indicate if your camera and microphone are muted during the meeting, and you can click on the icons to adjust their status. If they are white, your camera and microphone are active. If they are red, your camera and microphone are muted.